Benefits of Team Building

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Boot camp BrisbaneNobody is perfect on their own, but a team can be perfect! Working in a group environment can be challenging in the sense of putting different personalities and people with various life experiences together. Some people naturally get along, while other have problems communicating with each other. In a company, it's essential for group dynamics to work in order to increase work productivity and to get good results. You cannot force people to get along, it has to come natural for it to last. But how can co-workers become efficient as a team? The answer is team building. Team building exists exactly to do this: create staff bonding and get people to work better together. For a company, this translates into efficiency, financial benefits, happy employees and an overall positive image.


Working as a team has multiple benefits:


  • Tasks and problems are divided into smaller parts that can be better dealt with by individuals
  • People can use their skills and abilities to the maximum
  • People learn from each other
  • A team meets the natural need of socializing with others


What does a successful team mean?


  • Having a common vision and shared objectives and working together towards accomplishing them. This gives people a sense of purpose and allows them to work full heatedly without pressures from the management level.
  • Open communication means that people share their thoughts and concerns without restraints. This means that problems are solved quickly and efficiently and there are less chances of conflict.
  • Trusting and respecting each other is paramount to people feeling appreciated and safe in a work environment.
  • Knowing and using the skills of each member of the team to the maximum.



Team building helps making a team successful. Team building activities determine people in a team to bond with each other, to know each other better and creates a general trust between co-workers. Team building activities can be accustomed to the profile of different companies. Employees can go to a boot camp, for example, where they bond over physical exercising. They get to know each other outside the work place, which takes away the feeling that they're working with strangers. People usually feel a distance towards their co-workers because they feel that there's nothing personal bonding them. Team building activities offer employees a common experience that is fun and unique. They can put their work problems aside and work together as a team to go over obstacles and exceed their personal limits in nature. The bond created during a boot camp will remain when people go back to their work place.


How does team building transform a team?


  • increased self-esteem
  • increased trust in co-workers
  • knowing the people you work with better
  • developing a sense of being part of the group
  • having fun and relaxing together
  • learning things together
  • developing a system of co-operation
  • learning about team spirit
  • burning down walls and barriers between individuals
  • increased solidarity and responsibility


Team building can be incorporated in the daily work routine and can also represent a periodical event that employees are looking forward to. Many companies go for corporate fitness, to allow their employees to relax, stay fit and healthy and also to bond. Group fitness is one of the ways in which a team can grow because co-workers get to do something good for them and different from what they usually do together. Bringing the gym to the workplace might seem like an odd concept, but it is actually a popular trend nowadays, as companies understand more and more the benefits of offering personal training to their employees. The exercises are specially conceived to fit the work place and the trainers know exactly how to apply the principles of team building.


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Benefits of Team Building

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This article was published on 2011/01/06