Corporate Events—Team Building Options

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Corporate events are a great idea, and really worth their weight in gold. But if you've ever had to organise one, you'll have realised that they really do take some time. You need to find a suitable venue, decide what kind of event will best suit your needs, the individuals involved, and your team as a whole. Then there's the budgeting – not only financial but also time-wise. Having several people out of the productive process for even a day can be a testing process. You may have to get temporary staff in to cover, or simply shut down a whole department in order to free up your permanent staff for the period. But team building events are always worth it in the end... well, almost always. If they don't have the required effect, of course, they can be a serious waste of time and money. But there's an easy way of getting around most of these problems – have someone else do the work for you!


Corporate Events – What Are The Pitfalls?


If you've never organised a corporate event before, be aware that it can take days of your valuable time. And that's before you've even got to the event! Since there are people out there who have experience in this sort of thing, and the contacts they need to make things simple, why not take advantage of their expertise and have someone outside your company take care of the donkey work?


A company like Accolade, for example, can take the weight of responsibility right off your shoulders. With years of experience in the areas of corporate events, activity team building and entertainments, they'll hit the ground running and do the work in about half the time it would take you. You'll still need to look after the in-house logistics, of course, sourcing backup staff or simply setting the phones and emails to out-of-office reply mode, but everything else will be covered without you having to stress over it.


Budgeting and Activity Team Building


You can set the budget at any level you like (well, within reason) and Accolade will undertake to find a suitable venue, activities and a host for the event you're after. They have a number of packages that they've run successfully over the years, and have proved successful for a range of different company types and structures. These include indoor activity team building exercises, outdoors stuff, and straightforward social events. Alternatively, you could ask them to tailor an individual package for your company, your aims, and your budget. Thing is, they'll take the whole thing out of your hands once you give them the brief, and you'll be free to get on with the task of covering or handling the time when your team is out building itself up to full strength and optimum productivity!


So why not let Accolade shoulder the responsibility for your corporate events, and you just take the credit? What could be simpler?

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Why spend hours organising an event yourself when you can pass on the whole task to someone who's done it many times before? Whether it'sActivity Team Building or Corporate Events , Accolade can do it within your budget and relieve you of the stress. See their website for details.

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Corporate Events—Team Building Options

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This article was published on 2011/04/14