Does Team Building Help Staff Morale?

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First things first. When you hear the word team building, what comes into your mind? Maybe some of you may answer team building as a process which most companies use to build and establish a good relationship between employees in order for them to effectively carry out their own responsibilities in a company and therefore successfully taking part towards the achievement of such company's objectives and goals.

Some may also think of team building as an event consisting of games or other sorts of activities which an employee can participate in along with others, cooperating with each other for the sole purpose of winning. Some people may also define it as an opportunity to enhance strengths and find solutions or means of eliminating a set of weaknesses. Don't fret. All answers are correct. Team building refers to all those that were mentioned. Moreover, team building is both a process and an effort.

Team building is a process since it is comprised of stages which lead to a positive outcome, strengths are reinforced and weaknesses given solutions to transform into assets. On the other hand, it becomes an effort since the employees or the staff works hard on the team activities to build a much stronger relationship with one another thus fostering a sense of cohesiveness within the group. Team building is a company's way of recognizing their employees' needs in both personal and work-related aspects to better function within a group, leading to a desirable work performance and eventually, to the success of the company.

In what sense does team building help staff morale? Morale is the emotional and mental condition of a person or a group of people towards a specific function or task. When such morale is negative or low, the members of the group will also perform lower than they are expected. But when the group's morale is high such as having vigor, motivation and cheerfulness towards work, then the group is very much likely to produce excellent results.

Developing an ideal set of morale is what team building does best. Team building can be comprised of games or other activities which let each member of the staff to engage in self-introspection, a way of assessing one's self in terms of strengths and weaknesses. It is also a way of nurturing communication which then promotes a better understanding among the members. When the group members understand and establish respect with one another, they then develop a more positive attitude towards work.

Team Building without a doubt is a vital step towards boosting the staff or employees' morale.
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Does Team Building Help Staff Morale?

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This article was published on 2010/12/13