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A lot of people dread team building days and consider making excuses to get out of them, but those who go always end up enjoying them and find them to be a worthwhile experience. We take a look at the key ingredients for a successful group bonding session and suggest a few activities you might want to consider for your next corporate event, including culinary activities, outdoor adventures and exciting indoor events like go karting.

What Makes a Good Corporate Event?

There are lots of things that can make a good team building event, but the most important is that it’s memorable for the right reasons. If you go to a mundane location or organise boring activities, the only thing people will remember is that no one enjoyed themselves. A good venue will get people out of their comfort zones, both socially (i.e. talking to new people) and in terms of the skills they’re using. A team working element helps people forge new relationships with colleagues they might not have known well beforehand. Above all, a team building event must be fun.

Culinary Events

These are great because everyone loves food and drink. Wine and beer tasting classes bring your workforce together over a shared interest. For a more hands on option, cocktail making lessons are a lot of fun. Cooking workshops led by professional chefs are really popular because people pick up new culinary skills which they can take home to impress friends and family. Classes are available teaching everything from sushi making to chocolate baking. You can even add an element of competition to food related events by providing a prize for the person or team whose cooking is voted to be the most delicious.

Outdoor Activities

The great outdoors offers all sorts of opportunities for interesting team building events. You could sign up your colleagues for anything from archery to blindfold driving. Raft building is an activity that really helps team cohesion. Your party will be split into smaller groups which must work together to design, make and sail their own raft, in competition with the rest of the teams.

Indoor Activities

The trouble with outdoor events is they often require booking well in advance and can easily be ruined by bad weather.  Indoor events can be just as exciting, tend to be easier to organise and are often found much closer to home in towns and cities. Indoor go karting is a particularly exhilarating event which offers a realistic grand prix racing experience for drivers of all levels. Most good raceway facilities will offer special corporate events or team building packages which supply food, drink and an exciting day’s entertainment.

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Cannon Raceway is an excellent indoor go karting facility for people of all abilities.

The track is situated near Birmingham in the West Midlands. Looking for an exciting team building activity? Why not book a go karting session? Take a look at our corporate deals.

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Interesting Team Building Event Venues

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Interesting Team Building Event Venues

This article was published on 2013/05/29