Team Building Games Designed For The Outdoors

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Anyone who has worked in the corporate world for a time has likely participated in training regarding cohesive team development. These workshops may have included a few team building games but the majority of the content is usually presented in a lecture format. After attending several of these, the message sounds monotonous and fewer benefits are really gained from the experience.

Companies spend a lot of money on their chosen team building program. It is unfortunate that these funds are often wasted due to failure to think outside the box. The person in charge of arranging training should consider outdoor team building activities that take the group into a different environment and allow members to participate in a program geared around team building games. Any team member will jump at the chance to participate in this type of event.

A scavenger hunt is an excellent team building game because it involves a group of people working together toward a common goal. Each team has a list of items it must locate and the group determines how the duties are assigned. Some teams put each person in charge of finding certain items, while others stick together and work their way down the list.

Mini Olympics is one of the other popular outdoor team building games. Summer activities include sports like soccer, football, archery, track and field, and of course, volleyball. The childhood favorite, dodgeball, is also included, as is indoor hockey, which is something many people have never played. Teams compete against each other to win a coveted medal, which requires strategic thinking and cooperation. At the end of the day, everyone is friendly, but during the events, all bets are off because the competition can get heated.

If your group has never experienced dragon boats, it is missing some fun. This is one of those outdoor team building activities that seems like strictly play, though there is an underlying lesson. The team ventures to a body of water, team members board a boat, and they work together to paddle this craft to its destination. When a fluid and coordinated motion is achieved, the boat will move in the direction intended. Team members practice thinking and communication skills, while getting a light amount of exercise.

A pre-packaged team building program is not for everyone, so experiential event companies like XPEERience group offer customizable alternatives. This allows the group to select the team building games compatible with the interests and goals of the company. Physical and mental activities are included in the offerings and there is something for groups ranging from 20 to 120 people. Clients can elect to hold these programs in their own meeting rooms, at the location of the experiential events company, or even abroad.

No matter what team building games a company selects, they will surely be welcomed by all group members; especially if it allows them to get outdoors. When participants are enthusiastic and engaged, they will gain more benefits from the team building events. The lessons they learn about communication and working together are internalized and benefit the team in the workplace.

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Team Building Games Designed For The Outdoors

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This article was published on 2011/06/01