Urgent need for team building

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I manage a very large corporate team. There are fifty-four people in my sales team. It is a very challenging job for many reasons. Just managing sickness, holidays and maternity leave is bad enough, add into the mix stress, low morale and people handing in their notice I do not think I can cope with much more. I am a strong leader. I set an example for the rest to follow. I am an excellent timekeeper, I am an excellent role model and I am an extremely hard worker.
During a statistics meeting, it was announced that my team was the poorest performers. I was surprised and devastated hearing this information. Up until now, we have always been in the top three. I knew I had some hard work ahead. I have to motivate my team and fast. I have a second statistics meeting in three weeks, I have to be number one. I see this as a way to be noticed by the CEO. If I can turn this situation around without outside intervention then I will be number one manager.
My game plan is to get the team working at one hundred and ten percent. When I did my master’s degree, I specialized in team building and human resources. This will now bode well for my task ahead. I plan a huge team building exercise. Firstly I will get my section managers together for a team building meeting. They in turn will enthuse their individual section managers and so on. It is a hard task however with my determination I think I can pull it off.
After the first round of team building exercises, the feedback was not good. The low morale is due to poor sales, it seems the credit crisis is hitting the cold call team. Their conversion rate is dropping daily. It appears the team responsible for getting the contact details are slipping. If they supply the calling team with bad contacts, the sale, moral and inevitably commissions drop. Hit people in their pocket, and is bad news for all involved.
I have decided to hold my own team building exercise with the customer collection detail team. I believe if I can get these guys on side we have a chance of success. They are the key to the sales chain. Bad customer information meant phones being slammed down on my fragile cold callers. Their job is not for the faint hearted. Constant rejection is hard for anyone to accept. They survive by having a one in ten success. This small percentage is enough to lift their spirits. At the moment we are getting a one in thirty success rate.
It was the day of the next statistics meeting. I was very nervous but also excited to see if me and my team’s hard work has paid off. The time came. As the statistics were read out, starting from the lowest performers leading to the highest, I waited and waited - our name was the last one. Team building worked and I am on top of my game.
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To read even more about team building in the team based organization (or as we say here in Denmark teambuilding i den teambaserede organisation), visit this really interesting and very helpful website. For some more tips on team building, check out this article.

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Urgent need for team building

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This article was published on 2011/11/07